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Cultivating Hope Through Genuine Connection

About Front Porch Counseling & Family Services

Front Porch Counseling and substance abuse programs were formed from a desire to see people in an ever-changing fast-paced society take some time to slow down, smell the roses and connect in a genuine way with those right around them; neighbors, friends, their own families. Computers and other technologies have advanced our ability to connect with people all over the globe but we have a responsibility to bloom right where we are planted, and where we can make the most impact and where we can be impacted the most.

Nothing surpasses the power that words can have on the human heart, soul, and body. Words can heal and they can wound.

At Front Porch Counseling we want to model good, sound, non-judgmental communication and empower you to know yourself, and to be curious about others all the while increasing your level of satisfaction with any circumstance you are facing.

Meet The Team

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