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Counseling Services

Counseling Services - Many people choose counseling for a variety of reasons. You may have a mental disorder like PTSD, anxiety or depression that is affecting your day to day ability to function, or you may be experiencing distress from either known or unknown sources like a death in the family or panic attacks that appear to come from out of nowhere.


Counseling with a trained therapist can help you figure those things out. Other reasons people choose counseling is for help with interpersonal relationships, communication or help with more pro-social self-expression.

Life hands us all kinds of difficulties from one day to the next but we don't have to let those things derail us.

Counseling is one way to gain the support you need to maintain a good mental outlook, so you see the multitude of choices that you have available.  We will help you when you feel stuck! At Front Porch Counseling we cultivate hope through creating a genuine connection to yourself, to your faith and finally to others.


Make this important decision and investment in yourself today. You are worth it, and we are honored to sit with you on your journey to wellness.

Individual Counseling

Gone are the days when the only ones who sought counseling were those in a terrible life crisis. Individual counseling is an investment in YOU. People seek the counsel of trained therapists to explore growth in a variety of interpersonal areas; stress responses, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and core values. At Front Porch Counseling we address the necessary steps to creating a critically valuable experience in therapy. Safety first, Trust and Respect second, and Empowerment with Support third. We look forward to being there for you no matter the circumstances. 

Couples & Marriage Counseling

When you're ready to call it quits on the relationship, make one last effort to piece things together by reaching out to a trained relationship therapist at Front Porch Counseling. Whether you want to increase the level of intimacy and sexual satisfaction inside the relationship or come to agreements on major life decisions like when to have children or parenting techniques, we encourage you to make that first step and give us a call today. We would be honored to walk with you through this process.

Family Counseling

Front Porch Family Therapists are prepared to help you improve troubled relationships with your spouse, children or other family members. In therapy common issues to address may include marital or financial problems, conflict between parents and children, or the impact of substance abuse or a mental illness on the entire family.  Family therapy is a useful tool in any family situation that causes stress, grief, anger or conflict. It can help you and your family members understand one another better and learn coping skills to bring you closer together.

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