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Meet The Team

Our team of highly trained and licensed counselors, substance abuse therapists and life coaches specialize in many areas, see their areas of special focus below.

Bobby Owens - Co-Owner Counselor

Bobby Owens.png

Robert Owens is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.  His life experiences and natural curiosity, fuel his passions and care for people as the unique creations they are. His compassion and depth of intuition serve him well when dealing with those in all walks of life. His strengths are in creating room for others to feel safe in the therapuetic relationship while exploring their own behaviors to ultimatly find hope and healing through Genuine Connection.

Special Focuses:

Trauma informed Counseling, Developmental and Relational Trauma, Marriage & Relationships, Anxiety & depression, Spirituality,  Anger Management and Addiction Services. 

Melissa Owens,  Co-Owner, Coach (PCC), CDCA

Melissa Owens Photo Head Shot_edited.jpg

Melissa Owens graduated from the iPec school of coaching based in Shrewsbury, New Jersey and received her Certified Professional Coach Certificate along with certification as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. Melissa mentor’s both men and women, young and younger, in this journey called life who feel stuck and looking for ways to move forward with their goals in relationships, parenting, life choices, career and spirituality to name just a few. Her passion is about empowering people where they are by increasing their level of self-awareness, and consciousness to ultimately increase life satisfaction and joy no matter what circumstances comes their way. She also obtained a Chemical Dependency Counselor’s Assistant license from the state of Ohio and works with people struggling with addictions.

Special Focuses:

Dissociative Identity Disorder, OSDD, Trauma informed Coaching, Addiction Services, Communication! Dynamic Energy Leadership, Spirituality, Relationships, Parenting, and Personal Empowerment.

Melissa Eddy - Associate, Counselor

Melissa Eddy.png

Melissa Eddy is a licensed counselor in the state of Ohio. She earned her Master of Arts in Counseling from Cincinnati Christian University and she is a certified facilitator of the Prepare and Enrich program for couples. Her experience is widespread working with individuals, groups, couples or whole families. Melissa strives to provide stability and support to people in need due to life circumstances such as job loss, divorce, death of a loved one, trauma, pain management, health and aging or similar experiences. Melissa uses her above average listening skills, intuitive interpretation, and loyalty to her profession’s mission, to show others that they are valued and treasured.

Special Focuses:

Trauma Elder Adults, Pain Management Couples, Job and Career, Transition Families, Death and Bereavement, Health and Aging

David Brand - Associate, Counselor 

David Brand.png

David Brand is a recent graduate of Cincinnati Christian University with an MA in Clinical Counseling. David is a big family man. He believes that family is the foundation of society and his efforts to preserve this unit are incorporated into his core values, ethics and work. David seeks to provide every opportunity for children, adolescents and parents to succeed and thrive despite the cultural tides. He spends his time educating, empowering and motivating people to make positive changes for themselves and others. David is a huge resource here at Front Porch Family Services to fulfill our goal of cultivating hope and genuine connections to form a more stable, emotionally healthy and mature society.

Special Focuses:

Adolescents, Parents, Marriage Issues, Parenting, Individuals, Couples

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