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Cultivating Hope Through Genuine Connection

About Front Porch Counseling & Family Services

Front Porch Counseling and substance abuse programs and groups were formed from a desire to see people in an ever-changing fast-paced society take some time to slow down, smell the roses and connect in a genuine way with those right around them; neighbors, friends, their own families. Computers and other technologies have advanced our ability to connect with people all over the globe but we have a responsibility to bloom right where we are planted, and where we can make the most impact and where we can be impacted the most.

Nothing surpasses the power that words can have on the human heart, soul, and body. Words can heal and they can wound.

At Front Porch Counseling we want to model good, sound, non-judgmental communication and empower you to know yourself, and to be curious about others all the while increasing your level of satisfaction with any circumstance you are facing.

Meet The Team

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Psychotherapy, Peer Support and SUD Groups

"Creating a Culture of Support"

Got an idea for a group you'd like to be a part of? Contact us to let us know! We want to hear from you! Contact Melissa at 513-445-9688 or email

Substance Use Disorder Group


13 weeks (2 x a week) - $650.00

A comprehensive skills group designed for those who are struggling with substance use and finding their lives disrupted. This group will also meet probationary or other legal requirements.

*Thinking4Change completion certificate at the end of the course.

Early Parenting Support Group


13 Sessions - $650.00

Designed for parents of from birth to 6 years of age. Topics range from parenting goals regarding sleeping and eating schedules to managing stress and times of emotional dysregulation. Planning for the tough times in ways that make it easier and more conducive to getting help when needed. Parenting is a tough job and one that can bring much joy and reward. This group facilitates learning and supporting your peers all the while building your supply of emotional and supportive energy to stay the course. 


Personal Growth for Teens - Skills Group


26 sessions - $650.00

A powerful peer-group experience in the journey to self-discovery for teens interested in knowing more about why they do what they do think like they do and get behavioral results that they do. Learn amongst peers how to change any unwanted behavior all the while staying respectful and feeling proud of yourself! Now, who wouldn't want that? Contact us to get started today!

Dynamic Energetic Leadership Group


12 sessions - $800.00

Most of us go through life unaware of our behavioral stress responses or all of the options available to us as we play the game called "life." Do you see habits and patterns in the way that you respond? Come and examine your patterns revealed by your own energetic profile. Includes an ELI assessment and a full debrief by your energy leadership master practitioner who will walk you through the process. You will learn how to alter and utilize all of the energetic responses to your advantage to get new better and lasting results. All the while being more aware of the why and how.

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